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You don't need a roof to protect the horses from adverse weather? 

The ground-standing horse walker with fences can be installed outdoors as well as in existing buildings. It is our classic Horse Walker and has proven itself over the years.

Haras du Mont-dit-Mont_Reed_Grangues_Nor

This horse walker is technically the same as the Ground-Standing Horse Walker.

It includes a partial roof that protects your horses from wind, rain and sun.

This design is especially recommended in areas that have much rain or a lot of sunshine. The short distance between columns give this horse walker a beautiful shape.

Bachinger_Eco_3.3.2014 010 (1)_300.jpg

The main frame is identical to the Ground-Standing Horse Walker with partial roof. The ECO model’s fencing is secured by anchor nails. The roof covering is a high grade tarpaulin fabric. The fences are made of standard steel pipes. The outer fence can be covered with tarpaulin fabric or a wind screen as an option.

Ideal for farms that do not yet have a permanent place for a horse walker or for clients that prefer a well-ventilated design. This model is portable.

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