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Aquatrainer W3

Large basin, up to 1.2 meters of water level.
The horse gets more buoyancy and more relief for the back and legs


  • incl. 4,000 liters water tank

  • incl. double basin connectable basin

  • incl. large suspension filtration

  • incl. two doors and two flat ramps

  • incl. light barrier & emergency automatic

W3 versenkt (4).jpg


Unique muted floor plate

  • Ground quality is similar to that of a naturally grown grassland floor

  • Smoother and smoother

  • For an optimal movement of the horse

Adjustable water level

  • Up to 1.2 m of water

  • More boost, more relief for back & legs

  • Water level adjustable by a button, 10 cm-wise

  • Can be used as a normal treadmill without water

Increased security

  • Photocell with emergency control

  • Stops the tape

  • Empties the water

  • Panic bars

Flat Ramp

  • Extra flat ramp and ramp

  • With non-slip flooring

  • Designed for walks

  • Well manageable

Low maintenance filter system

  • Self-cleaning, low maintenance filter

  • Always visible quality of the water

  • Level indicator

  • The water is recycled

Large doors

  • Two spacious doors

  • Allow easy loading and unloading

  • With quick release closure

  • Smooth

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