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Water Horse Walker


  • Ample room in the basin

  • Encourages natural posture

  • Large entry

  • Variable water height from 20 to 100 cm (8″ to 39″)

  • Can be equipped for chlorine, salt and ozone

  • Various filtration options

  • Slip resistant floor

  • Specialized equipment such as an excrement bag, cleaning broom, etc.

  • Designs with a Rail-Gliding Horse Walker or a Ground-Standing Horse Walker



Water Horse Walkers are used in places where rehabilitation, therapy and training are priorities. The healing properties of water have been utilized by veterinarians as well as in human medicine for hundreds of years. Water invigorates body and soul, heals, provides therapy and relaxes.
The KRAFT Water Horse Walker is a walking pool. Horses do not swim they walk through water and are in contact with the ground. Horses are free to move about which enables stress free exercise. They can find their own rhythm and freely choose their posture. Muscles are relaxed and stress-free.

Layout & Front View


All technical specifications such as fences, separating grids, control, irrigation, canopy etc can be customized to your demand. Contact us to get to know more.

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