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Horse solarium | Accessories

Customize your horse solarium


Warm air shower


Each element is equipped with three high-performance fans that suck in the outside air into the polyester housing and compress it with the hot radiator exhaust. Ultimately the warm air is released at the lamp openings and significantly intensifies the radiant heat on the horse and hence shortens the drying time. 

The economically efficient warm air shower system is available for all horse solarium models of the Warendorf solarium series and can also be retrofitted at any time. Our control unit is designed to cope with all eventualities right from the start.

Scope of delivery: 3 high-capacity fans for each polyester housing


Coin-operated machine


Our user-friendly control unit is an optional add-on that features an integrated coin or chip machine, a LED display, and a programmable and automatic timer.

Model versions:

  • Chip machine with 50 tokens

  • Key switch


Extra neck element


A polyester housing, equipped with an infrared spotlight, targets the neck area in particular.

This has an immediate positive effect on the horse.

The neck muscles, which are under a lot of strain, are thereby loosened.


Scope of delivery:

  • 1 inclined polyester housing

  • 1 IR lamp à 250 watts


Motorised lift


Safety belts guarantee a secure and steady movement of the horse solarium. The low-noise motor is equipped with a limit switch adjuster and an emergency brake.


Scope of delivery:

  • Motorised lift

  • Roll out safety

  • Mounting material

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