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Trott Treadmill T2

Model Ergo-trotters, speed approx. 25 km/h.
Height-adjustable two-frame system, low noise and low-maintenance.


  • Step / trot position separately switchable

  • Fully automatic monitoring system

  • Auto height adjustment

  • 9 program control

  • With two ramps



Unique Grass / Forest Soil Technology

✓ Soil quality is similar to that of a naturally grown grassland floor
✓ Smoother and smoother
✓ For an optimal movement of the horse

Framing System

✓ Galvanized steel construction frame
✓ Particularly sturdy and robust
✓ Low maintenance
✓ Without height adjustment

Start Delay And Soft Stop

✓ Increases safety significantly
✓ Jerk-free start-up
✓ Gentle braking
✓ Emergency Stop

Non-slip Ramp

✓ Extra flat ramp and ramp
✓ With anti-slip flooring
✓ Designed to be walk-on friendly
✓ Foldable

Guide Rails

✓ Smoother and smoother
✓ Safe running
✓ Protects against wear
✓ Durable

Splinter-resistant Side Windows

✓ Pleasant feeling
✓ Break and impact resistant side walls
✓ Protection against injuries
✓ Easy to maintain

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