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Rail-Gliding Horse Walker 



  • No one-sided strain on joints

  • The combination of curves as well as straightaway sections mimics the natural movement of horses (the same applies to riding)

  • Tried and proven concept

  • Two tracks contribute to stability and smooth operation

  • Shape and size can be increased as needed

  • It can be constructed around other objects

  • Optimal use of available space

  • The horse walker can be covered completely allowing the centre area to be used as storage or for riding

  • Can be installed in existing buildings which saves concrete work as well as roofing installation

  • Easy operation

  • Sturdy construction

  • High safety standards

  • Low maintenance and noise levels

Herr Lenherr_CH_GSFA mit komplett++berda



This design allows us to custom manufacture a horse walker with limitless dimensions.
The size in the diagram for example is 8 × 16m and for 5 horses.

Layout & Front View


All technical specifications such as fences, separating grids, control, irrigation, canopy etc can be customized to your demand. Contact us to get to know more.

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